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Broadcast - EL 2

8909 Greenbrier Drive
PhoenixAZ 83622
December 1, 2020
Ms. Shari Croft
Regional Hiring Manager
Axiom Financial Services
7533 Heather Sky Parkway
Suite 502
TopliffAZ 85753
Dear Ms. Croft:
As a graduate of Emory University with a BA in International Relations, and an energetic young professional with excellent work experience, I am actively engaged in a job search to find just the right opportunity.

In my former position, I worked as an Account Executive in a commission-only sales position. Through this training, I worked directly with C-level executives from companies nationwide to negotiate and close large-dollar transactions. I learned quite a bit but realized the hard-sell approach was simply not the right environment for me.

Let me share with you what I think makes me a unique and well-qualified candidate for Axiom Financial Services:
  • Two years of professional working experience during which I've demonstrated strong planning, organizational, leadership, communication, sales, customer relations and project management skills.
  • International experience including a management internship with a financial services company in the U.K. and a tour counselor position managing a student excursion/educational experience in Italy.
  • Strong academic training in international business relations, globalization, capital markets, business diplomacy, economic analysis, finance, new business development and more.
  • A high-energy spirit, strong intellectual capacity and drive to succeed that I know will serve me well as I further build my professional career.

I'm looking for an interesting, exciting and rewarding professional opportunity and would welcome a personal interview at your convenience. My resume is enclosed for your review. I can guarantee you that my work ethic, quality of performance and commitment will proudly represent Axiom Financial Services. Thank You.
Sophie S. Whitcomb
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Broadcast - EL 3

Annette Simone
 St. PetersburgFL 
December 1, 2020
To Whom it May Concern:
I am a December 2018 graduate of St. Petersburg College moving on to further my education. With considerable writing and leadership experience, a keen interest in both international relations, politics, public policy, and administration, I am a strong candidate for an intern position with your company, firm, or government.

As an international studies/political science major while working part time, I am currently involved in multiple leadership programs, as well as closely following government and immigration issues. I was recently invited to shadow the business development administrator at the local Economic Development office, and through experiences like this, I have developed strong interpersonal skills, acquired a basic knowledge of public administration, and have polished my organizational skills. Being an active member of Rotary International, I have further developed a diplomatic demeanor, positive attitude, research, writing and administrative skills.

The past three years of my academic career focused on national and global issues, policy, and cultures. I have taken honors courses in International Relations, Philosophy and Government. I won a scholarship to study abroad in Israel with a focus on humanities and politics, and spent a year abroad as a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Brussels perfecting my French and multicultural perspective. I enjoy meeting regularly with Congressman Smith to discuss the politics of Congress and how government works in the United States and abroad.

With excellent academics, previous internships, jobs and recommendations, I would be an asset if I were selected to intern for your firm, company, or government. I would like to arrange for a mutually convenient time in which we can speak about possible internships or shadowing opportunities for Spring 2019 either in the Tampa area, Washington D.C. or abroad.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
Annette Simone

Broadcast - EX 1

Lance M. Morrison
1109 Dawson Drive, Apt. 2098 • OaklandCA 92098
(707) 555-2188
December 1, 2020
Mr. James Richards
Tilted Grove Vineyards
5890 Blue Vale Drive
SonomaCA 95476
Dear Mr. Richards:
In past research of LeFont & Antwone, I've long admired the grounds and beauty of the estate and the work environment that promotes creativity, progress and success. I would like to bring my expertise and track record of success to the wine industry. As such, I'd welcome the opportunity to get your advice and recommendations on how I'd fit into the industry and how to best proceed from here.

My experience lies primarily in project and facilities management with a strong track record of improving profitability and productivity for my employers. During my 15-year career with IBM, I advanced to a key position as Engineering Manager at one of the world's largest semiconductor plants. In this capacity, I managed large capital projects, developed innovative new equipment and implemented major process and equipment improvements. Highlights of my most significant accomplishments were:
  • Managed an aggressive $75 million capital equipment expansion and new facility development project that increased capacity by a factor of 10. Won a Division Award for my contribution in delivering this project on time and within budget.
  • Captured $5 million in cost savings for OEM new product manufacturing. Analyzed existing processes and streamlined operations to facilitate a remarkable improvement in productivity, efficiency and quality of operations.
  • Partneres with a key supplier, and reduced major rebuild time by 40% (from 3 months) for one of the world's largest ceramic ovens.
  • Designed and successfully implemented an $8 million fully automated robotic assembly system utilizing 8 robots as well as automatic guided vehicle and automatic storage and retrieval technology.
  • Developed and implemented precision (.0001"), high-speed, non-contact measurement systems for technical ceramic products.

Following my tenure with IBM, I was hired as Director of Engineering by Morrison Dispensing (high-volume manufacturer of aerosol valves and spray pumps for major consumer products companies such as L'Oreal and Gillette) to introduce advanced technologies and help move them to the next level of performance. During my six years there, I:
  • Led the implementation of an assembly strategy for high-speed automated assembly equipment, emphasizing innovation and productivity improvement. Introduced modular technology and reduced changeover times 80% for equipment running at 500+ parts per minute.
  • Acted as "chief troubleshooter" in a new position and traveled extensively to customer plants worldwide to provide exceptional technical support in helping resolve problems on their bottling lines. Concurrently, built relationships with key packaging equipment suppliers.
  • Successfully led a cross-functional inter-company team in resolving the leading cause of customer complaints for our most profitable product line. Reject levels were reduced from 2% to .2%, resulting in record productivity at customer plants. This solidified the company position as the top value-added supplier within the industry.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, and Sonoma County is my home. I'm excited about the possibility of bringing my experience and passion to the right company and know that I can make an immediate contribution.

In advance, thank you for your time. I will follow up with you next week to see if we can schedule a meeting.
Lance M. Morrison

Broadcast - EX 2

1172 Mangrove Drive MiamiFL 39098
December 1, 2020
Mrs. Janice Horton
Vice President of Marketing
Immersion Technology Products Inc.
6996 Heather Blvd.
Suite 1009
San JoseCA 95101
Dear Mrs. Horton:
Twenty years ago, technology innovations virtually sold themselves. With a bit of advertising here and there, a company was set to launch a new product. Today, however, things have changed dramatically, and marketing has become one of the most vital components to any technology venture. With both global competition and new product roll-outs at an all-time high, it is no longer enough just to develop a product. What is required is an astute marketer with technological expertise. And that is precisely who I am.

Working with some of the world’s leading technology companies (Schlumberger, Emerson, AMERCOM), I have led innovative technology R&D programs with complete responsibility for product marketing, commercialization, joint ventures, partnerships, licensing and related business development functions. Most significant have been my financial results:

  • For Emerson, I drove the development of 12 new products that generated total revenues in excess of $200M annually.
  • For ATIAS, a Dutch-based company, I increased European market sales from $2M to $15M.
  • For AMERCOM, I developed and commercialized 20 new products and achieved a 70% win rate on competitive contracts.
  • For Schlumberger, I reengineered existing product technology and saved more than $1.5M in company operating costs.

These achievements are indicative of the quality and caliber of my entire professional career – identify market opportunities, drive technology development, and create profitable sales and marketing programs. It goes without mentioning that the strength of my hands-on technology skills has been vital to my success in business development and revenue generation. Further, my ability to build cooperative client relationships and deliver what we have promised has accelerated our growth and market dominance.

Since leaving Emerson last year, I have continued to focus my efforts on technology development and global marketing and would be pleased to share specific engagements with you during an interview. Currently, I am exploring new career opportunities in technology marketing and would be delighted to meet with you.
Jin Yong
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Broadcast - EX 3

11209 Windstream Drive • FargoND 78909
December 1, 2020
Mr. Andrew Hayes
Director of Talent and Organizational Development
Parkside Industrial Products
6031 Sunny Woods Rd.
FargoND 58122
Dear Mr. Hayes:
I am currently employed as the Chief Procurement Officer for Delmatic Corporation ($2.3 billion spin-off from DuPont). Recruited in 2007, I was given full responsibility for creating a best-in-class global sourcing and supply chain management function with resulting success. Within the first two years, we captured more than $4.5 million in total cost savings while introducing advanced technologies, recreating business processes and achieving dramatic productivity improvements.

Previously, as a 10-year employee of 3M, I advanced from my early assignments in product development, engineering and technical support through increasingly high-profile manufacturing and global sourcing assignments. Again, financial and operational results were strong, as noted on my resume.

My experience spans the entire procurement and supply chain management functions, from contracts, spend management, outsourcing and global supplier alliances to leading-edge Internet and E-commerce applications. Further, I have solid general management skills in strategic planning, finance, budgeting, HR and a vast array of information technologies/systems.

I believe that my success is largely attributable to my ability to strategize a business plan, map the process, build the team, define the goals, implement the operations and deliver positive financial results. Further, I have an exceptionally strong hands-on background in manufacturing and engineering operations that I believe is vital to any senior-level sourcing, procurement or supply chain leadership position.

Currently I am exploring new professional challenges at a senior management level, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any current search assignments you may have for a candidate with my qualifications. Be advised that I am open to relocation worldwide and that my compensation requirements are in the $200,000-$250,000 range.

I appreciate your assistance and look forward to speaking with you.
Randy Parker
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Broadcast - EX 4

123 Lego St. • Winter HavenFL 33333
December 1, 2020
To Whom it May Concern,
As a proactive Management Professional, improving productivity, creating smooth-running operations, and increasing revenue are a few of my key strengths. I am interested in exploring management opportunities with your company and have included my resume for your review.

Throughout my fifteen-year management career, I have excelled as a leader within successful operations with responsibility for staff management, equipment and parts sales and service, delivery and installation logistics, database development and management, warehouse redesign, inventory reorganization, and new facility launches.

Due to specific issues that have negatively impacted the field of capital medical equipment compiled with the general downturn in the economy, I have been working in a position outside of my desired career path. Although I have been able to capitalize on a terrific opportunity to apply my skills to a new field, and learn the technology that goes along with it, I am eager to return to a management position.

My areas of expertise include:
  • Turning around ailing operations to regain productivity, client trust, and increased billing.
  • Analyzing operations and developing improved systems.
  • Leading by example and building top-producing, unified teams.
  • Establishing and cultivating quality relationships with clients, employees, and vendors.
  • Resolving problems efficiently and diplomatically to assure client retention.

In addition, I have a strong technical background, computer skills, and experience in end user support.

Due to my proven track record, commitment to excellence, and drive to succeed, I am confident in my ability to deliver the results you desire. Please contact me at 123-456-7890 to personally discuss your needs and my qualifications.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Gregorio Swanson
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Broadcast - MC 1

Alan R. Albertson
2209 Greystone Terrace
Salt Lake CityUT 88760
December 1, 2020
Mrs. Jill Simmons
Director of Information Technology
Morris Robertson Children's Medical Center
2399 Colonial Arbor Drive
Salt Lake CityUT 84044
Dear Mrs. Simmons:
I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) with more than 15 years’ experience in Information Systems and Technology. My expertise spans two entirely different functions within the IT arena:

  • Systems Operations. For 12 years, I managed all IT operations for the Emergency Medical Services Division of Laurel County in Southern Utah. During this time, I directed several major hardware and software upgrades to transition into a state-of-the-art Windows environment.

  • Systems Design & Installation. For the past four years, I have managed an entrepreneurial venture with sole responsibility for the sale of technology consulting services and the design/delivery of customized technologies to meet a broad range of business applications. Most significantly, I facilitated more than 1000 system and device upgrades, built and installed NT systems and networks and supported 2000+ customers.

My technical proficiency is extensive and is summarized at the top of my resume. Additional qualifications that may be of interest to you include:

  • Outstanding customer relations skills. I am able to quickly build and maintain positive working relationships with my customers, responding quickly to their technology support needs and providing them with the technical expertise to independently manage their work functions.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and drive. I thrive in challenging and fast-paced environments, relying on myself to make decisions, solve problems and move projects forward. I am an independent thinker, constantly ready to accept new challenges and new opportunities. Please note that for more than 10 years I worked as a paramedic, clearly demonstrating my ability to perform in stressful situations that require immediate action.

  • Staff training and leadership. As a paramedic, I was responsible for a group of 30, coordinating their schedules, providing training and supervision and facilitating cooperative team efforts.

I would welcome the opportunity for a personal interview and thank you in advance for your consideration. I guarantee you’ll be impressed with the quality and depth of my technical expertise.
Alan R. Albertson
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Broadcast - MC 2

89 Andover Circle
CharlotteNC 28832
December 1, 2020
Mr. William Vasquez
Director of Talent and Leadership
Conover Systems
7302 Dusty Fawn Road
ConcordNC 28025
Dear Mr. Vasquez:
I am writing and forwarding my resume in anticipation that you may be working with a client company in need of a well-qualified Operations Manager. Highlights of my career that may be of particular interest to you include the following:
  • More than 15 years of progressively responsible experience in high-volume, high-quality Manufacturing Operations. Current position as Operations Manager for advanced tech company.
  • Consistently strong performance in increasing productivity and efficiency ratings within dynamic production operations: a 15% increase for QTR Peripherals … a 32% increase for a major packaging company (bringing efficiency to a solid 98%) … a 60% gain in productivity for LayerTech, Inc.
  • Equal success in reducing operating and overhead costs: 58% for LayerTech … $2.3 million for a major cosmetics manufacturing company.
  • Advanced technology skills in both manufacturing systems and PC-based business systems.

I have established an excellent reputation nationwide for my success in operations management, including recognition in Industry Week as one of "America's Best Plants." In addition, I have authored two books on manufacturing techniques and production optimization.

My goal is a senior-level operating management position with either a high-growth or turnaround company in need of strong and decisive leadership. Be advised that I prefer to remain in the Mid-Atlantic or Southern US and that I would anticipate a compensation package of $100,000+.

Are you available for a brief telephone conversation to further discuss my qualifications and any particular search assignments you may have currently? Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you.
Charlie Grant
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